Pied Hoverfly

Pied hoverfly
This large Hoverfly was spotted in July when the Lacy phalecia was in full flower. This one appears to be a male like the one in the photo below from July 2011. The pied Hoverfly larvae eat aphids so we hope a few of the adults will over-winter on our allotment and their young can help keep our broad beans aphid-free in the Spring!
From August 2020
This is a female. She was among many other flying insects enjoying the Ivy flowers.
And here’s a little video. Our allotment site’s hedge is perfect for so much wildlife.
From 31 July 2011
A great looking hoverfly with interesting markings on his abdomen - so accomodating sitting still on a bright orange flower for the photo!
I identified this from the Hoverfly site as a Scaeva pyrastri. And it's eyes show that it is a male.
As always, a welcome visitor.