Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Spider and the Fly (and the wasp)

Ok, it's not actually a spider, it's a harvestman (an opilione) but it looks similar... Well, it starts out life with 8 legs. But look at those pincers! (Actually, they're called palps).
This one Dicranopalpus ramosus has lost a couple of legs, it's an escape mechanism. It eats small insects, so welcome to stay on the plot.
This is just a greenbottle fly, but they're so photogenic I couldn't resist posting. The metallic look is so appealing, even if the fly isn't.
And I would call the wasp a friend, of sorts. They keep our greenhouse clear of flies. Though Jamie did get stung yesterday :-(
Here's this one tucking in, whilst holding on with just one leg!
They leave the wings of the poor prey to flutter to the ground as they zoom off to catch their next snack. Fascinating, though grisly, to see!


Please leave a comment. I'm very pleased to receive corrections or confirmations of my identification of the creatures we've spotted on the allotment.