Sunday, 17 July 2016

Common Blue Butterfly

Finally some hot weather and a few more butterflies are being seen on the allotment site. Mostly whites and tortoiseshells but I found this Common Blue (female) enjoying the marigolds in the greenhouse today.
She should be careful in there. We've seen wasps catch butteflies and proceed to eat the body, leaving the wings to fall to the ground :-(
As you can see they're actually a bit prettier when their wings are closed - but there is a blue hue to the body. Looks like a completely different butterfly, but it isn't.
What a beauty!


  1. Beautiful photos.
    I am looking forward to doing my new garden butterfly count.

    1. Thaks! It's always a treat when a macro shot is actually in focus!
      I hope it's sunny again soon to encourage a few more butterflies out


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