Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Two (Little) Birds

One not so little! The red kites must have nests closer to the site this year. They have been swooping and calling overhead for a few weeks now. (A bit of photo editing used on these pictures because they're a bit fuzzy)
They have been flying low over the allotment, looking for food I presume. There eggs should have just hatched, according to the RSPB. They are fabulous to see at close range but I haven't seen one land on the site yet... There isn't much carrion on the site!
There are lots of blackbirds around at the moment. Mostly males taking food back to the nest.
This one has a ring on his leg. They do RSPB bird ringing occasionally on Freemans Marsh, so I expect he was one of their catches. Can't quite make out the number unfortunately, but I know they ringed 44 blackbirds in 2015.
We saw the kingfisher fly across the site the other day - a lovely flash of neon blue. No chance for a photo!

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  1. Very interesting. I've never noticed a ringed bird.


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