Sunday, 3 April 2016


The birds really know it's Spring and the hedge is alive with song. They seem to be more timid than previous years and aren't getting so close to take worms from our newly dug plots. The robins are the cockiest, but mostly sing at us when they want some more mealworms putting out for them - they're quite demanding :-) And then sometimes they won't even pose for a sensible shot!
I rather like this photo - it is a goldfinch, honest! There were a couple of them pecking the fresh new buds in the trees and shrubs.
When nearly everyone has left the site the male pheasant and his hen fly in squawking, before flying into a tree to roost. I was amazed when I first came across one sitting in a tree!


  1. Yeah great robin pic! Have you been hearing chiffchaff?

    1. Umm. not sure. Will have to visit the RSPB website to confirm that...

    2. The song is like the name. Just alternating between two notes. They've just arrived

    3. Ah yes, I've just listened and played it to the office. We've certainly heard that. I will listen out next time I'm outside.
      We've seen them flitting in and out of the hedge taking flies from the air, but I'm sure I haven't managed to get a photo as they're so speedy.


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