Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Hedgeful of Birds

Sometimes a hedge is just a hedge, but sometimes you can actually find a bird in the photo when you get home. I got plenty of hedge-shots when trying to snap this little Goldcrest! Just there on the left, before he hopped off out of view again.
And I managed to get photos of the male bullfinch! He and his mate were eating the buds in the hedge for ages.
They didn't pose quite as well as I'd hoped, but I was pleased to see them. They preferred the canal-side of the hedge.
Look at the colour when the sunlight is on him! Beautiful!

This is a dunnock who flew in and upset the robin who was watching us dig and enjoying the worms.
The two magpies were looking pristine in the sunshine against the dark sky in the distance.
And look at that amazing colour in the sunlight.
That is a photo of where a stonechat sound was coming from...
But that is a wren. A bit tricky to see in that picture. Here it is enhanced, but still a bit blurry.
And there's a heron flying over the canal back to Freemans Marsh and the River Dun.


  1. Oh. I see it is a bullfinch. Good spotting.

  2. Great pics! Well done getting one of the goldcrest, they hardly stay still!

    1. Thanks! Speedy, pretty little bird


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