Sunday, 2 August 2015

Big Butterfly Count 2015

Today I managed to get my Big Butterfly Count done at the allotment site entrance where we have a meadow which gets cut down once a year. There's a section where we piled a load of cuttings a couple of years ago and the thistles are doing particularly well there! So that's where I did my count. I did counts on the site in 2012 and 2013 but it looks like I missed out on last year's unfortunately.
Anyway, here are my results for  2015:
  • 6 - Large White
  • 1 - Green Veined White
  • 6 - Large Skippers
  • 1 - Small Copper
  • 1 - Common Blue
  • 3 - Gatekeeper
  • 4 - Ringlet
And here are the photos I managed to get:
Common Blue - what a beauty!
Common Blue
 My legs are buzzing now because of all the stingers and thistles, but I think it was worth it :-)


  1. How long did you count for?

  2. Just followed the link. I think I will do it in my garden. Then I can compare it with my new garden next year.

    1. Yes, good idea. I bet you'll get quite a different range of butterflies for those 2 locations. Your best on a sunny day though - I hope it returns this summer! It's so grey today :-(


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