Sunday, 17 May 2015

Metallic Beetles and Another Weevil

Saw a couple of beautiful little beetles today - I'm not sure if they're the same variety. They're very small but bigger than a mint beetle.
This one nibbling the edge of this plant - but it's a weed, so that's ok!
This next one was deciding where to go next and made up his mind as soon as I got my first photo of him - typical, so it's a bit out of focus.
I can't id them precisely but looking up 'blue metallic beetle' gives some AMAZING image results (and not all of cars!!)

And here's a weevil - well, it has the look of a weevil and I'm sure it's not the pea & bean weevil that we're having problems with this year. I think it's actually black but has a lot of pollen on it...

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