Saturday, 31 January 2015

Who's Peeking?

Very pleased to see this little chap on the site today. Sorry the pictures aren't great, I had to zoom in and only had my small camera.
Can you see him? It was more ginger in colour in real life.
I think it's a weasel, rather than a stoat, as it was very small. Stoats have a black tail which we didn't see.
He was certainly fast, dashing about chasing a mouse we think. 
Mice are their preferred food, so a welcome tenant on the allotment!


  1. That's a great photograph. I think you are right that it is a weasel. I'd never get my camera out in time!

    1. If he's back today I'll see if I can see his tail for definitive id. Jamie & Malcolm spotted him before Indid, but I had my camera in hand!


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