Sunday, 18 January 2015

Birds and Snails and Not Much Else!

The year started wet and has now gone cold, but only one day with a dusting of snow so far. The coldest night this winter has been -5°. We haven't seen much activity in the insect world, but the birds are on the move and the robins, in particular, have been in full song - beautiful.
We're getting them ready for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch next weekend - I hope the weather is sunny then too!
Not my best photo of a robin, but it's early days...
We saw two female blackbirds chasing each other today. It seemed that one imposed on the other's patch and she wasn't happy.
We've been seeing little egrets flying over the site as they head for the marsh. We're aware of three at the moment - I, just about, caught these two on camera yesterday.
I uncovered a few snails while I was clearing the strawberries, I think the shells contain snailsrather than being empty, I guess they're hibernating at the moment. Very wise!

Very pretty and I'm sure the slugs do more damage than these lovely creatures!


  1. and we've got wrens hopping around - really sweet

    1. Wrens and hens I see!


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