Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Three Little Birds

The fog cleared this afternoon and in the sun it was very pleasant. The birds were in full song again and seem to be getting used to us working our plot - though we're still not seeing the expected robins or blackbirds in our hedgerow.
I was so pleased to see this lovely redwing.

Turdus iliacus
I thought it was a thrush but then spotted the red splash by its wing. It's most likely soon going to be moving on as they're generally Winter migrants to the UK.

I didn't recognise this as a buzzard when it slowly flew overhead with its mate. I'm used to them circling overhead and wailing. Today they looked more sedate. My zoom isn't good enough for this type of shot but I rather like that the identifying features stand out (and look at that lovely blue sky!)
 And, here's one of the regulars, though we've not seen him for a while - the kestrel preening in the warm sun.

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