Tuesday, 18 February 2014

200th Post is a Sad Post

Very sad to find a dead barn owl on the site today. It wasn't badly damaged and didn't seem to have been there for too long - maybe a casualty of the storms? It wasn't ringed but had lovely fluffy legs and was incredibly light to hold. So beautiful, poor little thing, really hope its not the same one we saw fly across site last year :-(
The finding was reported to the Barn Owl Trust - details for finds can be completed on their website.
Barn owls continue to be in decline in our area apparently but local wildlife groups are trying to encourage more into the area..
If we get a permanent allotment site for Hungerford then I'd definitely want to put up owl boxes.

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  1. I had a go at flying a barn owl at a falconry centre and they are so light that you don't feel a thing when they land on the glove/


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