Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Common Wasps in an underground nest

This time of year there are always lots of wasps about and they start being rather erratic as most are at the end of their lives.
We found this underground nest along the edge of the allotment site - I never realised that wasps lived under the ground but it's pretty common apparently. These are common wasps - Vespula vulgaris. The Arkive website has some great photos.
This nest was quite near to a plot with lots of sweetcorn which have had the cobs eaten down to the core. We thought that the kernels had been eaten by pheasants or mice but have been told that wasps eat sweetcorn too - not surprising as it's so sweet, I suppose.

For those of you who are not wasp fans, bear in mind that they do a great job of clearing other insects which we allotment holders would consider pests e.g. aphids, caterpillars and weevils. They are also great pollinators, just like bees are.

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