Monday, 19 August 2013

Two Caterpillars

It was a weekend for caterpillars.

My previous post was labelled white ermine moth caterpillar. Now, that's what I think this is, but it looks significantly different. It may actually be a Buff Ermine Moth Caterpillar. I need to pay a visit to the wildaboutbritain forum - they'll id the things I've been a bit unsure of recently,
The yellow stripe down its back is more obvious than on the previous sighting.
It was found amongst the potatoes but headed off towards the runner beans.
VERY excited to find my biggest caterpillar ever! I found it at home though, not on the allotment so it only gets a mention, not a starring role on this blog! I'm very sure this is an elephant hawk moth caterpillars.
It's partial to fuchsia and meadow willow herb so wouldn't be unwelcome on the plot - certainly not by me!!

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