Saturday, 3 August 2013

Toad Day

We saw two common toads Bufo Bufo on the site today.

Jamie called me to the HAHA plot to see the first one - a tiny toadlet hiding in the carrot patch. He didn't really want his photo taken and kept trying to get away, but I got this one snap before I released him on an overgrown plot.
The other one was found by Ted, who was strimming another plot on site. Luckily he spotted the giant toad before he strimmed it. When it felt threatened by the strimmer it made itself look even bigger than it was. They can bloat their bodies and raise up on their legs, which is maybe what Ted saw.
The toads are probably relieved to be out and about because of a bit of rain. There are plenty of slugs and snails for them to eat, so they are a most welcome guest on the site. Though I was amazed to read that they can also eat slow worms and small grass snakes! We know we have them on site too but we don't want them eaten.


  1. Brilliant shots, nice to see, more Toads less slugs, hooray.

    1. Thank you Rooko! It was good to see these two. I would think if we saw two there must be a few more around - as you say, Hooray!


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