Monday, 27 May 2013

Two Welcome Visitors

We were really pleased to see this common toad. Some people find it hard to tell the difference between frogs and toads but their skin is most noticeably different.
He wasn't on our plot; he was on an overgrown one next door - plenty of slugs around site for him to eat. We welcome frogs and toads as they are great predators.
We tucked him away under some piles of dirt. Toads breed in water but don't live in it.
Another welcome visitor, which we haven't seen many of so far this year, is the ladybird. Even though this one is a harlequin - these are thought to be a possible threat to our native ladybird species as they are more prolific. They still do the good deed of clearing aphids for us gardeners though.
It was feeding on some greenfly on our raspberries - there weren't many there but he had them to himself.

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