Saturday, 30 March 2013

Small shiny brown beetle (Aphodius)

Finally there's something else I managed to photograph on the allotment other than the robin, blackbird and worms!
I spotted this small beetle warming itself in the sunshine, sitting on some cardboard. By the time I got it in focus the beetle decided to fly away so I just managed to snap this as it's wings opened.
I like the fact that it's antennae and head are so well in focus though.

I posted the photo to the wildaboutbritain forum in the hope that someone there will be able to identify it...
And, of course, they could. It's such a brilliant site!
This beetle is a dung beetle - Aphodius. My photo doesn't have enough detail to determine whether it's a Aphodius Produmus or Aphodius Sphacelatus.

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