Saturday, 23 March 2013

Come on Spring!!

I feel bad not having anything to add to the wildlife blog. It's so cold and wet at the moment that we're not venturing out much, even if any wildlife is daring to!
There were a lot of birds on the allotment today - robin, blackbirds and a flock of chaffinches - all singing very happily but not willing to pose for a photo.

We saw our first bumble bee of this year on 12th March - that was the only reasonable day that we've had; the sun actually shone and it did feel like Spring - but only for the day. We also saw a few tortoiseshell butterflies but nothing like that today :-(
Sorry! This is a bit of a cheat - photo of the bee I spotted at the same time last year..

Now it's back to snow and coldness. Hopefully I'll have more to add in a week or two...

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