Saturday, 29 September 2012

Buff Ermine Moth caterpillar

This spiny looking chap is a buff ermine moth caterpillar. I particularly like the first photo where you can see his face.

I originally thought this was a ruby tiger moth caterpillar which we'd found before but I checked on the brilliant Wild About Britain forum.
The users are so full of knowledge and willing to share. It's brilliant to share pics and get beasties identified.



  1. Hi Belinda, some great photographs throughout your blog. I've added a link to a site you might find useful (you may know about it already). If you go to the ISPOT part of this sight observations can be identified via the open university.

    1. Thank you Rooko. I couldn't find the link you refer to and it's not one I had come across before, but I shall definitely be visiting that site this year!


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